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Louvered Back Panels


Aesthetic louvered ventilated finished back panel. Thick marine-grade aluminum construction. Includes self-leveling toe kick and choice of powder coating.

Ventilated back panels create a finished look when the back of the kitchen is visible. Equipped with louvered slats for equipment venting. (48” and 30” shown)

Venting requirements may vary based on site conditions, local codes, equipment specifications, and gas types. Check with your local licensed professional to ensure full and complete compliance to codes.

21” Louvered Back Panel (A-BCKP21-V)
30” Louvered Back Panel (A-BCKP30-V)
36” Louvered Back Panel (A-BCKP36-V)
42” Louvered Back Panel (A-BCKP42-V)
48” Louvered Back Panel (A-BCKP48-V)
62” Louvered Back Panel (A-BCKP62-V)

Louvered Back Panels