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Undercounter Appliance Kits


Structural finishing kits for outdoor refrigerators, ice makers, keg tappers, or freezers. Thick marine-grade aluminum construction. Includes front countertop support spacer and backspacing panel, self-leveling toe kick, and choice of powder coating.

15” Undercounter Appliance Kit (A-FRDG15)
18" Undercounter Appliance Kit (A-FRDG18)
20 ¾” Undercounter Appliance Kit (A-FRDG20.75)
21 ½” Undercounter Appliance Kit (A-FRDG21.5)
22” Undercounter Appliance Kit (A-FRDG22)
24” Undercounter Appliance Kit (A-FRDG24)
28 ½" Undercounter Appliance Kit (A-FRDG28.5)
30” Undercounter Appliance Kit for two 15” combinations (A-FRDG30)
36" Reinforced Undercounter Appliance Kit (A-FRDGRIN36)
39” Reinforced Undercounter Appliance Kit for one 24” and one 15” combination (A-FRDGRIN-39)
48” Reinforced Undercounter Appliance Kit for two 24” combinations (A-FRDGRIN-48)
24 ⅞” Dishwasher Kit (A-DW24.875)